Memories Of Seven Lochs’ Communities: A People’s History

Memories Of Seven Lochs’ Communities: A People’s History’ is an exciting new project led by Communities Past & Futures Society and supported by Heritage Lottery Fund and Seven Lochs Wetland Park.

The project will capture and share the rich and diverse social history of the Seven Lochs communities. Our trained volunteers are recording the memories of those who lived in the Seven Lochs area since the interwar period and charting the communities’ experiences as the hamlets and villages grew and changed, particularly those communities which accommodated Glasgow’s overspill, and more recently welcomed migrants from many different countries.

To share those memories with other we will create a new website containing an oral history archive of 30+ interviews with local people; written histories of participating villages and communities; a heritage video containing edited interview extracts; artwork and creative writing donated to the project by local residents; and a photographic gallery of residents and their families.

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