Inchneuk Medieval Towerhouse excavtion

In 2018, we were joined by Nothlight Heritage, the local community and school pupils to investigate Inchneuk Tower.

Excavation uncovered the corner of the medieval tower house and ancillary buildings. The uncovered remains of the towerhouse comprised a section a well – constructed wall approximately 1.25m thick pierced by a blocked gun slit window perhaps suggesting later re-use and modification of the building. The orientation of the uncovered walling suggests that part of the towerhouse has been lost due to erosion of the cliff edge.

The remains of a number of buildings and a possible barmkin wall were located an area adjacent to the tower. Further investigation would be needed to establish building sequence. The historical record indicate a series of ancillary buildings existed on the site from the late 17th century and the artefacts recovered from the excavated deposits suggest that they were occupied in the late 18th – 19th century.

You can still visit the site via a fairly steep, stepped path from Glenboig Village park. There is little to see above ground but you are rewarded with great views over Campsie Hills and North Lanarkshire farmland.