The Spirit of Hogganfield Loch

‘And there are lochs beautiful in themselves and gathered around them a world of beauty’
-Dr Hugh Macmillan, 1869

As part of the centenary of Hogganfield Park, we worked with schools, community groups and colleges to explore the loch and some of the species it supports. We did this by researching the importance of water and the natural histories of the heron, swan and dragonfly as well as their representations in archaeology, art, folklore and poetry. The participants then worked with artists so that they could share their findings with you. St. Philomena’s and St Rose of Lima’s Primary Schools worked with artists  Sean McGarvey and Laurie Elliot to create a short film to capture the spirit of the loch. Glasgow Kelvin College and a youth group from Ruchazie Pantry, with guidance from video artist Inigo Garrido, chose to share some of the new stories they discovered through animation. You can watch the film and the animation shorts here

The Spirit of the Loch project was developed by Seven Lochs Wetland Park in partnership with Ruchazie Community Council. The project was supported by Glasgow Community Planning Partnership.